About Us

Toronto Wedding Planner Cindy

Our lead planner Cindy (WPIC and DWC certified) founded Me to Us Wedding Planning after years of working and having fun in the wedding industry. To her, wedding planning is all about being creative, expressing one’s personality and sharing joy and happiness. But knowing her clients and letting them shine in the planning process are her highest priority. As someone who loves art, photography and great food, she has a knick in finding the perfect venue for your wedding theme, style, and food preference.

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Cindy is Chinese in background, but has lived in Canada for a long time. She is quite a wanderer, having lived in a few different cities and traveled across Canada and beyond. With her fascination with cultures and travel, she plans many great cultural weddings and destination weddings in different parts of Canada, US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. She also loves all things vintage and chic.

If you happened to be green-minded and adventurous, Cindy is the planner for you! She loves nature, animals, and adventure travel, and will be thrilled to share some tips for unique eco and adventure weddings with you.

Looking for a Toronto wedding planner that’s inspired and creative? Don’t hesitate to give Cindy a poke!